With you, for the love of children, since 1987
creative & collaborative

Whiz Café

The club has a special space for good ideas and even better coffee to brew –Whiz Café. From delicious finger food (Truffle Fries, anyone?), to much healthier options, there is something for everyone at Whiz Café. An emphasis on conscious and ethical sourcing ensures a perfect combination of great taste, good health, freshness, and balanced eating. This vibrant cafe is the perfect place to work as well as unwind for members as well as others who wish to enjoy its experience.
With you, for the love of children, since 1987
Brainstorming and Ideation

Whiz Around

We take pride in the diverse spaces that we’ve curated at Whizdom. Whiz Around is just one of those. It’s our thought-provoking brainstorming and ideation zone –featuring a digital flip board and movable furniture to ensure that your ideas flow freely and inspiration strikes you when it counts.
With you, for the love of children, since 1987
Inception of inspiration


Interaction with minds from varied backgrounds and domains can be the inception of inspiration. To facilitate that added level of interaction and conversations, the club also offers various multipurpose areas like the Whiz LIVE events space.
It can host events and workshops, and can be partitioned into two sections, acting as different meeting rooms for members and non-members.